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Initial Project Ideas

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Initial Ideas for project:  

     -Online banking helps with balancing big and small business finances. It even helps individual people with controling their expenses. Using "Quicken" a finance software people are montioring their expenses while banks are making some money out of monthly fees for their online service. Check out this article(Christine)


    -This project is about Internet Banking (=Online Banking). Though this project, I am interested in discovering and learning how to improve banking efficiency and make profit. (Makiko)

Source:  This is a historical article about Internet Banking, it provides prospective of begging of the Internet Banking.  According to this article.

Citibank, N.A. has been ranked the Best Overall Internet Bank and Best Corporate/Institutional Internet Bank Globally.


      -I with this project would like to see why it is so effective it is to use internet banking to better fit a business model. That and how effectively it can be used by big businesses as well as small businesses.  (Ian)

Source:  I was looking around and I came across this http://www.strategy-business.com/press/16635507/17575. It has some data on our topic and shows expenses over time and at least has some (basic?) information on the topic. This might give us a basis that we can start to work with, though I don't know if the date is to far off for us (1996). -Ian This is a bit too old now, but useful background. RDS


      -An aspect not to be overlooked when considering online banking is the safety and security of your transactions.  Please see link below for important information from the FDIC on how to make sure that the institution you are doing business with is legitimate and secure. (Jeff)


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