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ING Report

last published Quarterly Report


Since ING does many things I will give the drand total There total income or revenue since it is a european company at the end 2008 was 9,703 in miilions of euros or about $12,973 in millions. 3,217 in million euros of that comes from the banking section.



looking at all the numbers for the last few years from the report there seems to be a large increase in 2008 over 2007 and even back to 2006 the revenue and expenses keep starting high but end almost the same at the end of both years for the Group and for banking ING was known as the top choice and somehow still manages ro be.




This article talks about in one community with just a switch in banking technology has done for a community in america. A spokes person for Wachovia talks More toward the technoliogical side of things but Banking is mentioned.





This is microsoft's ideas on how to help the banking industry including with the internet. This is what they plan to do with the Internet Banking Industry when it transitions from turmoil that it's in.



This may be a blog but the internet with banking is very important for countries in the world. Kenya doesn't have the big internet presense like south america but the fact that the internet can help it maybe that can change and already ahs to an extent.



For added measure the internet with banking has opened up for fraud to happen more frequently. There has been recent attempts to commit fraud but that doesn't seem to deter people.

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