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Content Guidelines


The group project asks you to analyze an industry.

This is a business class, so your wiki content should be business related. For example, if your topic is movies don't provide links to your favorite directors. Discuss the impact the internet has had on revenue, cost, profitability, competition and the economics of the industry. Think $$$!

  • Size of the industry
    • Revenues and profits
    • Trends – growing? Contracting?
  • Structure of the industry
    • Who are the players?
      • Provide links to companies or site participating in this industry
      • Are there a few big companies or many small ones?
      • What do they do?
    • Who competes with whom?
    • Determinants of industry structure – what determines the amount of competition?
  • Economics of industry participants
    • Who is making the money (profitability)? How much?
    • Costs and cost “drivers” – what determines costs?
    • Revenue and revenue “drivers” – what affects revenue?
    • Impact of the internet – how does it affect cost and revenue?
  • Business models
    • Who buys the product and why? How do the businesses make money?
    • Impact of the internet on business models
    • Examples of companies with different business models
  • Competitive strategy - how do these companies plan to beat their competition?
  • What marketing strategies do they use?
    • 4 Ps
    • Why do people buy from them?
      • What value do customers get out of the product?
      • Why do customers buy from this company rather than competitors?
    • Who buys the product? (target market)
    • What approaches to pricing do they use?
    • How does the company promote the product? (TV, viral marketing, …)
    • How does it distribute the product?
  • Current state of the industry and future developments
    • What’s happening now? To existing companies? To new companies?
    • What emerging new ways are there to use the internet in this industry?
    • Who will be the winners and losers?

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