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Bank of America (Lisa Onderdonk)

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4-1.  Bank of America is a publicly traded company. Investor Relations.  In the year 2008, Bank of America had a revenue of $73,976,000,000. I could not find how much of this annual revenue is made via internet.  2008 Annual Report .  

4-2. In order to find the operating income I subtracted the total expenses of $41,309,000,000 from the total revenue of $73,976,000,000 and got a profit of $32,667,000,000 for the year 2008. 2008 Annual Report.



5-1. Technology's Impact on Banking Industry Shows Pervasive Spread of Change.This article is really interesting and has to do with the changes we will be seeing in banking in the future due to the use of the internet.  The article mentions many statistics as well as trends which we will be seeing in internet banking.


The Internet's Impact on Retail Banking by Bill Burnhan.  This article is about whether the retail banking industry will face problems because of the introduction of internet banking.  The author talks about the large number of branches that have opened up due to the convenience of its customers and how now  the internet is even more convenient.  The author gives reason to believe that retail businesses will begin to face big problems in the near future.  This article is relatively old so it would be interesting to compare the way the author thinks to how retail banks are actually doing today (in his near future).


Internet Banking: An Exploration In Technology Diffusion and Impact.  This article is about the different factors which are involved in internet banking becoming more widely used.  It covers issues and advantages for both large and small banks.


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